About Us


How We Began

Amanda and Cynthia are a sister-duo who have a passion for weddings!

Our love for weddings began shortly after we started planning Amanda’s wedding in early 2016. We quickly realized that there was an abundant amount of time, effort and preparation that came along with getting ready for the big day. There were so many meticulous details, big and small, but we truly enjoyed the entire process.

We then started helping friends plan their own weddings. We were able to take it a step further and be there to fulfill the important roles of transforming the bridal party through our makeup service as well as coordinating the entire wedding day. We saw how much our assistance was valued and we knew we had found our calling.

Our personalities complement each other perfectly. There is Amanda who is methodical and loves to strategize and Cynthia who is artistic and loves all things makeup; together we form the perfect team. Our thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for our Brides and Grooms and their weddings is obvious. 

With Amanda’s passion for wedding planning and Cynthia’s love for makeup, My Wedding Fairies was started in 2017.


Amanda Barretto

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from San Jose State University, is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and owner of Out of Office Admin.

Amanda is an extremely detailed and thorough individual which makes her an excellent planner in many things including project management, travel and of course, weddings!

With her cheerful and dedicated manner, she has a passion for helping others. She enjoys the challenge of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and feels it is her duty to keep her clients organized, focused and having fun.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and loves portrait photography, bike riding and traveling with her husband.


Cynthia Nuñez

Cynthia holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from San Jose State University and is the Office Director of Out of Office Admin.

Cynthia is an exceptionally organized individual. She is attentive, artsy and loves to craft. With her dazzling and inventive ideas, she is able to exceed all of her clients' expectations when it comes to their makeup needs.

Cynthia finds great fulfillment in enhancing the beauty of the Bride and wedding party for the big day! She does this by hiding any flaws and highlighting each person's best features using only the best cosmetic products and skilled application techniques. "I understand that although makeup is superficial, there is something about it that touches women deep within. I feel so much joy when my clients see themselves for the first time after I'm finished with their makeup transformation. They get an immediate boost in self-confidence and fall in love with what they see in the mirror. I love making women feel empowered."

In her spare time, Cynthia loves spending time with her family, which includes her husband and 3 young children.